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Why are we the best Sloping Block Builders in Melbourne?

When it comes to designing a sloping site, it means that you should achieve a unique, practical and modern design which enhances the site’s natural fall. Some of the key facts that we should consider which design is for you:

  • Always maximise natural light and ventilation into your homes’ key areas by using steps and higher ceilings
  • Stepped designs are most effective when the site fall is between 4 degrees and 6 degrees
  • Ensure the design has accommodated a driveway incline which is both practical & useable
  • Lower your excavation costs by avoiding excessive earthworks and always minimise unsightly retaining walls.
  • Capitalise on great views by using the land’s natural contours and naturally defining living spaces.


Sloping Block House Designs

You should know that building your dream house in the perfect location is not as easy as it sounds. The right  location could mean building on challenging sites like sloping sites. This requires a higher level of design consideration to ensure that you build a suitable home for your site.

Selecting your home design allows you to choose what suits your lifestyle and budget. This also suits the slope of land, flood or vegetation overlays, solar orientation, site access and prevailing winds. By working with a unique slope and designing a home that works with the slope, you can reduce the high amounts of excavation needed and retaining walls required to build your home.

BH Prestige Homes has the best experience in building homes that are on challenging sites. This comes when management teams combine domestic, commercial and civil construction experience with articulate design sense and professionalism. You can be sure to trust us and count on us as your preferred sloping site builder.

Merits of Sloping Sites

To enhance the layout of your new home on a slope, building with the slope is generally the ideal solution and more effective method of tackling the challenges that come with building on sloping sites. When it comes to building with the slope, your home is designed for the fall of the land, allowing for better use of all living spaces. When you are working with a unique slope and designing a home that works with the slope, you can ensure that you take advantage of the endless benefits that a sloping site has to offer.

Things to Consider When Building on a Sloping Site

To ensure efficiency in your home design within your given budget, the following key items should be considered when designing your home to suite a sloping site:

  • Meeting the regulated height restrictions
  • Where the slope starts and ends in relation to the location of the home on the land
  • Privacy for yourself and your neighbour
  • Drainage for water flow during heavy downpours and/or floods
  • The angle and consistency of the slope
  • The block’s position in relation to the sun to maximise the cool in summer and heat in winter
  • Maximising natural light into the home’s key areas
  • The views or other aspects you want to take advantage of

You should design a home that suits the type of slope that benefits from practical and appealing qualities of the home. Allowing for unique and modern designs with lowered excavation costs, practicable driveways, views and ventilation. Pick up the phone and call us at 0414 674 412 or email us at [email protected] for more details about sloping block house designs today.

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We have recently built sloping block homes in the following areas:

  • Bundoora
  • Doncaster East
  • Eltham North
  • Greensborough
  • Macleod
  • Mont Albert North
  • Thornbury

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Melbourne’s Award Winning Custom Builder of Sloping Block Homes

Since 2010 BH Prestige Homes has won 7 HIA and Master Builders awards including:

  • 2015 – Winner Master Builders Best Kitchen in a Display Home
  • 2015 – Winner Master Builders Best Bathroom in a Display Home
  • 2014 – Winner Master Builders Best Display Home $500,000
  • 2014 – HIA Victoria Best Display Home $500,000
  • 2014 – Winner Master Builders Young Builder of the Year
  • 2012 – Winner Best Custom Home $500,000
  • 2010 – Winner Best Display Home $350,000
Melbourne Award Winning Custom Homes


A sloping block is a term used to refer to a plot of land that has multiple slopes, either at an incline or decline. These uneven elevations tend to make it difficult to build a steady foundation, unless you are going with qualified and experienced sloping block builders in Melbourne.
Experienced sloping block builders will often consider a variety of options prior to designing and construction. It requires multiple steps, including soil tests, topography checks, site analysis for potential issues, as well as making the most out of the orientation of the slope. Our builders can recommend a variety of aesthetically pleasing, highly functional sloping block house designs.

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  • “This being our fourth new house we were determined that this build would exceed our expectations in terms of design and quality. There weren't too many builders that catered for difficult sites as well as a custom design. We came across BH and were most impressed with the standard of quality and design of their display home. It was very refreshing to deal with a company that actually listened and was able to come up with a design that suited our specific requirements perfectly and with exceptional craftsmanship.

    The team at BH were able to come up with unique solutions to the many challenges thrown up by the land developer without ever losing sight of their goal of keeping us both informed and satisfied with changes along the way. We can confidently say that our experience with BH surpassed all our expectations by providing the best service, advice, patience and quality home.”

    Jim & Zdenka

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